Tiki Pepper Grinder


Somehow, when I see the Tiki Pepper Grinder, it reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow and the many adventures that he went through, getting all exciting especially when he tries to run away from a tribe of cannibals (although there was not a single element of Tiki in the movie). The same kind of situation has also been depicted in many other adventure films, so why not bring home a little bit of movie magic into your dining room with the $15.99 Tiki Pepper Grinder?

Definitely the perfect tool to perk up your luau or party, where pressing the Tiki’s nose will start the inner mechanism that grinds pepper within. This is nearly hands-free, but you sure as heck cannot deny that it is hassle free! Just like the original Game Boy, the Tiki Pepper Grinder will be powered by a quartet of AA batteries, although I am quite sure you will replace those batteries at a far slower rate than those on your Game Boy.

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