V-MODA Vibrato Remote headphones

We have reported on V-Moda before, especially with their True Blood style MAKER and REVAMP headphones. I got very curious about these headphones, and I was pleased that V-MODA sent me the Vibrato Remote.
It is called Remote because it has a three-button remote and discrete high-fidelity microphone to give users control of music and and calls. The three buttons are the volume, play/pause, and it can even do voice memos on iPhones 3GS or newer.
The Vibratto remote is made to be durable as the wires feel more like thin ropes rather than rubber insulated wires. The Vibrato is sculpted from a zinc alloy and has next generation hybrid silicone ear-tips.
So, how is the sound? I compared it to my normal, much cheaper earbuds, and there is a definite difference, especially at higher level volumes. The official site claims that you “don’t just hear the music, feel it”. Right now, I’m connected to some tunes and the 8mm dynamic HD neodymium driver is delivering its promised “vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs”.
All in all, I would say that the V-MODA Vibrato Remote are durable headphones with some quality sound. This excellence does cost, and the price is high at $129.99.