Igloo Village in Finland lets you see the northern lights, in luxury

This is Igloo Village in Finland, and if you want to see the northern lights without saying “B-r-r-r”, this is the place.
Apparently, many people came from far and wide to see the dazzling natural beauty of the northern lights, but they were getting cold feet on their trip. The creator of this Igloo Village wanted to make something to help them out, and built a fleet of glass-topped igloos.
Each igloo is made of thermal glass and so the view stays clear of frost even when the outside temperature drops to -30 Celsius (man that is cold). These igloos also have a toilet and comfy beds. You can watch a video of it after the jump that will give you more information.
All I can say is that I find this to be quite a romantic getaway. If I can look up from my bed and see a breathtaking view of the heavens, while staying warm, then I think I have found my next getaway with my wife.
It looks like some of the cheaper rooms are more like igloos, but the restaurant will give them some warmth.
I don’t have a price for a night’s stay for the warm or cold rooms, and you’ll have to go online to find out the cost of a round-trip ticket to Finland.


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