Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner


You know, back in the day there was the standard broom and dust pan used to get dirt all cleaned up from the floor, but these days, you not only have powerful vacuum cleaners, but we are also looking at vacuum cleaners which are smart enough to get the job done even when you are not around the home. Yes sir, we’re talking about robotic vacuum cleaners, where these devices will roam around your floor, breaking up family after family of dust bunnies without any remorse.

With a fair number of such robotic vacuum cleaners going around (literally), having one more introduced to the market should not come across as a surprise to anyone. Evolution Robotics throws their hat into the ring this time around, with their next generation robotic floor care unit known as the Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner.

It will continue where its predecessor left off, where you will be able to enjoy an enhanced wet cleaning system, not to mention having a self-dispensing reservoir, a faster recharge time as well as a higher capacity (and physically larger) battery which delivers up to four hours of run time. It is said to offer consumers a simple, easy and affordable way to keep up with life’s demands while maintaining a clean and healthy home.

Surprisingly, the Mint Plus won’t break the bank at all, where it will start from $299.99 onwards, while you can always pick up the previous generation model for a Benjamin less. The Mint Plus was specially designed for hard surface floor cleaning, where it will get to work by automatically dusting and mopping hard surface floors using popular cleaning cloths, including the Swiffer brand Dry and Wet Cloths (other similar products will also do).

Guess that labrador of yours that sheds heavily all year round won’t be that much of a hassle to upkeep any more, since the Mint Plus will get to work daily to remove all unwanted (or most, at least) fur from the floor. Those with plenty of carpeting might want to look elsewhere though, since it does not seem as though the Mint Care is going to do a good job.

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