Mold and Germ Destroying Air Purifier


You never quite know what kind of nasties are there hanging around us these days, and so it always pays to be safe than sorry – which is where the Mold and Germ Destroying Air Purifier comes in handy. This $299.95 device does not come cheap, but before you dismiss it off as some sort of marketing gimmick, hear me out. Hammacher claims that this device is capable of eliminating up to 100% of airborne bacteria, including mold, viruses, dust mites, and pollen – doing so by virtue of being a silent killer.

Not only does it not make a sound, it also gets rid of all the nasties using a filter. The device will rely on natural convection in order to silently draw airborne impurities into its patented ceramic heating chamber, where upon doing so, it will instantly destroy all microorganisms within with 400 F heat. To make sure that this is no fly-by-night performance, it has been certified by an independent laboratory that 100% of bacteria and mold were destroyed regardless of the microorganism’s size or level of hazardousness.

Once the murderous act is done, sanitized air will be cooled and recirculated into the room, so that your lungs will appreciate what you’ve done in the long run. It is interesting to note that Hammacher Schlemmer has attached a Lifetime Guarantee to each purchase for free. Any takers?

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mugabo Says: September 17, 2011 at 5:22 am

Hammacher is not to be trusted; show me independent (non-sponsored) test results.

I suspect that this device uses ionization (the description provided is weak), which produces ozone (O), which is an oxidizing free-radical and hazardous when concentrated.

Any takers for unproven and potentially deadly junk science?

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