Harry Potter Illuminated Wand Pen


I knew it – there was no such thing as phoenix feathers powering a magic want – but rather, batteries. Yes sir, batteries are the stuff of life, at least on the Muggle side of things over here. After all, cracking open the $9.99 Harry Potter Illuminated Wand Pen won’t reveal any feather of sorts inside, and I must say that this wand works differently from the rest – in fact, it might yield far more power than what you watch at the movies.

How so, you ask? Well, give this pen into the hands of President Obama and see him sign a bill that passes a certain law – will even the great Harry Potter be able to do that with all his incantations and spells at his disposal? I doubt so. Guess this is good enough to write down your spells for memorization, but other than that, the other kind of magic it is capable of is this – helping you remember very, very important dates such as your wedding anniversary by writing it down somewhere – forget that and no spell on earth can protect you from the wrath of a woman scorned.

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