Osaka Station has projected images on a waterfall

What you are seeing here is a water display at Osaka station in Japan. You can see it in the photo that images are displayed on it.
I suggest you go to the video to see how it really works. I was hoping that the images and words that you see in the photo to the left were stable, but they are not. For some reason, anything projected here has be cascading like the water falling.
It uses special computer-controlled nozzles to create this effect, and the effect is very exciting to children. I can see my own kids having a blast watching something like this.
I can’t help but wonder why the images can’t be more stable on these. It would be awesome to see a television show projected on water. Heck, I would love to have a waterfall TV in my living room. I’m guessing the resolution would be pretty low, and I would only see black and white images.
I’m guessing that Osaka Station isn’t the last place where you will see something like this. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t several of these displays in shopping malls and other public areas throughout the world.


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  1. That’s because “projected” isn’t quite the right term by the looks of it. It’s turning the water on and off and the length of time the water is on determines the length of line created and all the lines together making the art.
    Kind of like ASCII in water.

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