Hyperkin PS3 Wireless Remote Controller arrives on Amazon


Are you an avid gamer who feels that your gaming funk has been held back simply because you lack of the relevant hardware that will help you fulfill your potential in front of the LED TV and console? Well, assuming you are rocking to the Sony PS3 and want something to improve your game, the Hyperkin PS3 Wireless Remote Controller, sad to say, is not it – it is not meant to help you gain more frags and put ph33r into your opponents, but rather, this device will target folks who have decided to make their PS3 as their home’s central entertainment hub.

Available at Amazon, the Hyperkin PS3 Wireless Remote Controller is capable of offering you the entire range of functions such as a QWERTY keypad for quick and easy input, alongside total DVD/Blu-ray control to make sure you will be able to access parts of the disc far faster than using the standard SixAxis controller that comes bundled with the PS3.

Also known as the Remotext, this wireless remote controller was specially designed for the PS3 (which you should be able to tell by now), where it will be able to let you text other players on the Playstation Network in unprecedented speed. I suppose those who use phones with physical QWERTY keyboards can attest to the accuracy of such a device in getting the message across, instead of relying on a virtual keyboard that more often than not, takes far longer for you to compose your message to the recipient.

Whenever you aren’t shooting off an email or message, the dual analog sticks and buttons will come to good use as you enjoy your latest PS3 games without having to swap controllers. It has a rechargeable battery inside, and can be connected to the PS3 via USB to keep it juiced up. Would you pay $34.99 for added convenience in your living room?

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