Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System


Talk about competitive! If you think that the modern world has somehow forgot to stop and smell the roses, then you are probably correct. After all, why bother cramming more knowledge down the brains of our poor children when they are meant to explore the world in a sense of wonder? Now with devices like this 99.99 Baby Plus Prenatal-Education System, it seems that the game of one up-manship is set to continue – where learning takes place in the womb before baby draws his/her first breath of oxygen.

This particular device is said to have the necessary scientific backing to prove its effectiveness, claiming that babies are most receptive when they’re still in the womb. So all mums-to-be need to do is sit down, relax with a cup of tea, and place this prenatal teaching tool to their baby bump. It will emit the familiar and comforting sounds of mums heartbeat, changing the rhythm gradually over time to become more complex.

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Abdullah Eyles Says: September 14, 2011 at 11:18 pm

This seems like a waste of time. If the baby is still in the womb it will hear the mother’s heartbeats anyway, why play more from outside?

OK maybe need to add this sentence from the website: “Your baby will naturally be able to tell the difference and will listen to these new audio patterns as they are layered over the old ones.”

OK now it makes sense… 🙂

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