Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Interactive Room Alarm


He who must not be named – well, it is all done and over with for some time already, regardless of whether you are one who reads Harry Potter books or the other type who likes to get all that “reading” done on the silver screen. Either way, the saga has drawn to a close, and Lord Voldemort is but a distant memory. If you want to root for him and his Death Eaters, then perhaps you would do well to check out this Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Interactive Room Alarm – yes sir, the Dark Lord lives again, and boy does he have a fury unmatched if someone so happens to enter your room without permission.

This motion-activated room alarm from the Harry Potter series will feature the very evil Lord Voldemort who cast spells at intruders, spew out some rather scary words and even lights up the environment, boasting all the necessary sound effects to scare away unwanted trespassers. Of course, the $49.99 room alarm will need some juice to keep it running, but I guess you can place many of these alarms all over the place this Halloween if you’re going to throw a Potter-themed party for added effect.

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