Freddie Wong video shows the possible future of video games

by Mark R

Perhaps you have never heard of Freddie Wong before, but he is the winner of the World Series of Video Games in 2007. He is also a filmmaker with two very popular YouTube channels, and he makes some pretty awesome videos.

One of his latest is called Future Motion Control Gaming, and it uses some interesting visual effects to show what could easily be the future. You can watch the video after the jump.

The technology to live out the video doesn’t seem to exist yet. You can see Freddie put on some sort of holographic projector of some type that is able to scan where he is. From there, it can project alien enemies that he shoots up with his PS3 Move.

I’m not certain why Freddie showed his particular set up as somewhat crude. It looks like he uses tape and a laptop to make this gaming apparatus. If this really was the future of gaming, then I would hope it would have a better set-up for it.

I really hope that this is the future of video games. I can’t help but wonder if this will create a new culture where these gamers run around and fight foes that are invisible to everyone but them. One can only hope.


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DVecc Says: October 2, 2011 at 9:27 am

looks like this would only be possible with those 1200VR glasses you showed in a later post

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