Foetal Heart Detector


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a new parent, but the nine month journey can be a rather arduous one, especially when complications arise. Many people have sworn that your baby, while still in the womb, is capable of recognizing familiar sounds and voices, but all of that seems to be one way traffic. Parents who want to connect on an even deeper level might want to give the 39.99 Foetal Heart Detector a go – after all, listening to someone’s heartbeat is always soothing, don’t you think so?

I’m quite sure the heartbeat is not all you will listen to – perhaps a hiccup or two might be in order? This seems to be the perfect way of embracing what life inside the womb is like from one’s ears, and all output can even be recorded onto a computer for posterity’s sake. Seems to be an early start in bonding with baby, but you won’t regret every moment since they tend to grow up way too fast.

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