Max Force Shadowhawk 100


Think that you have it in you to be a sharpshooter from a distance? Then you might want to see just what the 39.99 Max Force Shadowhawk 100 is able to offer – it is capable of firing similar soft paper ammo as its smaller sibling, the Max Force Maximiser 60, although this two-handed weapon is far more potent as it delivers the punch for you to immerse yourself in long-range target practice. All you need to do is moisten the bullet-shaped paper ammo, load it into the ammo clip and you’re good to go – the advanced power piston technology is capable of sending the bullet to a target that stands a 100 feet away!

Of course, I am quite sure you cannot curve a bullet the way it happens in the movie Wanted no matter how many times you practice, but if you are going to live out your fantasies of being the top sniper in the world, then the Max Force Shadowhawk 100 seems to be a good place to start. Since your ‘bullets’ are made out of paper, they’re indoor friendly – until you hit your no-nonsense relative who thinks that adults should not be running around with a toy like this.

Heck, if you want to get in on the action even more, the Shadowhawk ships with a fold-down bi-pod so that you can lay low and track your target before letting fly that killer paper bullet.

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