Doctor Who Desktop Dalek


Fans of the Doctor Who series will definitely be pleased to have all things Doctor Who around them, including the work desk if possible. After all, who isn’t scared of these feared machines? Imagine having a Dalek patroller who faithfully reports for duty each and every single day, whether you turn up at the office or not. It will feature ground sensors that help it avoid falling off the corporate “cliff”, and actually chiprs “Exterminate!” with plenty of zest whenever it makes a turn.

Of course, the $34.99 Doctor Who Desktop Dalek will run on a trio of AAA batteries, so make sure you have some rechargeables handy at all times if you want to make sure no one comes near your cubicle and start making a mess of it. With all the turning around and shouting, it might get irritating after a while – leading your irate colleague to literally exterminate it by tossing it into the nearby bin. If only it had the spunk of R2-D2 to fight back with an electric cattle prod thingamajic…

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