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“My dog ate my homework” used to be one of the more cliched excuses kids give their teachers whenever they mismanaged their time at home, but I suppose this excuse has not worn itself out just yet. If that is the case and you are a teacher, why not purchase the App Control Desk Pets for the cheeky yet delinquent child and exchange his/her dog for it, momentarily? This is one pet that will not eat anyone’s homework, leaving no room to wriggle out of a tight spot in the future. Who says playing does not help someone learn?

The App Control Desk Pets will come in different flavors, which include the Tankbot (that is obviously more sturdy than the rest), the Trekbot (the Speedy Gonzales of the group) and the Skitterbot (that looks rather scary). All of them have three different operating modes, where the first sends your Desk Pet beeping and flashing away in a world of its own, oblivious to its surroundings; the second mode lets you turn your own smartphone into a remote control; and the third lets your Desk Pet discover the world all on its own!

The inclusion of advanced optical navigation technology enables these Desk Pets to find their way around obstacles – a primitive version of a robotic vacuum cleaner, if you will, and you won’t lose them simply because they have light-up eyes and emit sound – unless they run out of juice, of course. Even more interesting is the fact that your smartphone will function as a remote control. The law of diminishing returns apply here – 40 minutes of juicing up delivers 15 minutes of play time. The Tankbot is the cheapest of the lot at 24.99, while both the Skitterbot and Trekbot will retail for 3 more.

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