Spy sunglasses with remote


With the advent of the Internet, there has been far more user generated content than ever before, and the proliferation of cameras in cell phones have also aided the growth of sites like YouTube, where you get to capture unique moments on the spot. Well, if you want to participate in something more covert, it is going to take more than just a regular digital camera or camcorder – you would need a disguised option, and we would think the 59.99 Spy sunglasses fits the bill perfectly.

To make sure your “mission” to record a particular tryst from a table away without looking too suspicious, the manufacturer has thrown in a remote control into the mix – this means you can always place your sunglasses facing your subject, pretend to read a newspaper and use the remote to begin your recording process. It will be able to perform recordings in VGA quality (640 x 480), or if you want more detail at the expense of shorter clips, then you can always select the higher 1,280 x 960 resolution count.

It takes a single charge to deliver 1.5 hours’ worth of recording. When done, just transfer your video onto a PC via USB, and you’re good and ready to go out for the next round of spying. Good thing the design does not look dated at all, otherwise it would have been a hard sell.

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