iDo iPhone case and Amp

by Mark R

Today, I discovered two products, both are called iDo. I find several weird coincidences about them that I will go into detail about later.

The first is the Icon iDo, an amp that plugs into an iDevice, and the user plugs this amp into a stereo system. The end result is to produce some very terrific quality sound, much better than the iPhone’s external speakers. You can even plug headphones into the Icon iDo and will optimize headphone audio quality.

You have to be pretty committed to your iPhone to get an amp like this. Speaking of committed, you can “marry” your iPhone with this iDo iPhone 4 case. The case has a ring that will grasp your finger so you don’t drop your iPhone. By the way, the ring acts as a 360-degree kickstand to prop up the phone vertically and horizontally. See the photo after the jump.

I thought these iDo were the same product at first, but the iDo iPhone case is from Rampant Innovations, when the iDo amp is by Icon. I guess there isn’t really a way to trademark “iDo”. That would mean couples would have to pay more for weddings.

You can see the coincidence with the name iDo. Now here is another coincidence. The price of the Icon iDo is $250, but the ring iDo is ten times less at $25.

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Kathleen D. Says: October 17, 2011 at 2:58 pm

i have one of these and I LOVE it. I need to walk around from building to building on my job and I can now use my hands to carry files, etc., without having to balance my iPhone on top of it all or have to hold it in my hand.

Several of my friends want one. I only just found your website.

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