G-Form keeps your tablet safer with Extreme Edge


When it comes to purchasing a tablet, you will need to take into consideration one major factor – that is, to pick up a protective sleeve or case. After all, it makes perfect sense especially after you have just dropped some serious coin to the tune of half a grand, so why not top it all up with another 10% or 20% more cash by keeping said tablet company with a new protective case? That is what G-Form had in mind when they delivered the Extreme Edge sleeve which will weigh no more than 6 ounces, and it will not only have an iPad fit into it snugly, but also other electronic tablets that are 10″ in size.

To make sure your tablet in the Extreme Edge remains well protected, G-Form has enlisted the help of their very own remarkable RPT (Reactive Protection Technology), where this revolutionary material is actually a composite, blending PORON XRD material with other proprietary “ingredients”, allowing it to absorb more than 90% of the energy generated during an impact – while stiffening like a dead man momentarily in order to function as some form of armor.

Sounds as though one could perform more research into this material and turn it into a more efficient and comfortable bullet proof vest, don’t you think so? Perhaps this is somewhere far off in the future, but at the present, the G-Form Extreme Edge ought to do a good enough job to keep your precious tablet free from scratches and dents should you happen to experience a butterfingers moment.

You will be able to pick up the Extreme Edge which comes in yellow and black colors for $44.95 a pop. There is also an inverted option for the Extreme Edge if you are so inclined, and by that, we do not mean a switch in colors, but rather, the military grade ballistic fabric will be on the outside, while the RPT material remains hidden on the inside. Which is your cup of tea?

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