Silynx C4OPS Hybrid Headset – good enough for the army, good enough for you


If you feel that gadgets these days need to be of a higher quality in terms of material and construction, I am quite sure that many others are in agreement with you. After all, don’t you think that many of the devices we purchase are so fragile which is why there are so many screen protectors and smartphone cases in stores? I would think that Apple makes far more money in terms of profit percentage with each licensed accessory sold (protective sleeves, cases, etc) for the iPad and iPhone instead of the actual hardware itself.

Well, if you happen to be one who lives the rough and tumble lifestyle and love adventuring with a group of people, then it would be prudent to make sure that your equipment are up to snuff no matter the conditions. The Silynx C4OPS Hybrid Headset is under our scrutiny here for today, where it is an enhanced in ear headset system that was specially designed to enable 5 x 5 loud and clear communications in extreme noise environments.

Interestingly enough, it has been optimized for operations under the guise of military vehicles, especially in MH-47G Chinooks, A/MH-6M Little Birds, MH-60K Black Hawks, MH-60L Black Hawks, Osprey V22 and other air and maritime platforms. This Hybrid Headset will comprise of a new modified steel core cable, new cable molle clips, and a modified collar/vest clip. As for the modified collar clip, that was designed so that you can firmly secure it to a shirt collar, vest, or in an internal back strap of a MICH or Ops Core helmet.

The collar clip itself will also include a miniature quick disconnect connector which enables the connection of a low profile, noise cancelling Ops Core Chinstrap Boom Mic. When you need to be less overt, just remove the boom mic in a jiffy so that the headset will still be able to work as usual, relying on the in ear mic instead.

You can be rest assure that the Silynx C4OPS Hybrid Headset has already undergone rigorous lab and field testing, and is combat proven after being deployed successfully in theatres of war by US and NATO top tier SOF units. No idea on pricing, but the next time you meet anyone in the US Special Forces as well as other top tier special forces of NATO, why not ask them whether you can get a look at it?

If only a civilian version is released, so that when as a party, we head out to the mountains or rough it outdoors, at least we can be in close contact with one another without worrying about the device failing.

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Morgan Says: September 7, 2011 at 8:38 am

Jeez, I thought Mark_R’s writing was bad. 1.5 paragraphs to name the product with a total of 6 to describe a product you don’t carry and is not available to the public. WHY? Even the title is meaningless: “Good enough for the army, good enough for you” Apparently it’s not ‘good enough for you’ (or you for it) since it does NOT come in a civilian model, according to the article(?)
I’m so glad mankind can rest assured that the problems of dropped headsets in the wild are truly behind us. You don’t even tell us if this miracle of headset technology (that we cannot buy) is for use with cell phones or 2-way radios, is voice-activated or anything else actually useful.
If you’re going to have people shilling products IN THE GUISE OF writing articles, it might help if English was their first language and there was actually a product to sell.

Edwin Says: September 7, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I hope to do better next time dude – I thought it was interesting if there was a civ. version. Thanks for the pointers, I will improve on this.

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