Nintendo 3DS docking cradle sparks criticism

This is a scan of a Japanese magazine Famitsu, and it reveals that the Nintendo 3DS will receive a second analog stick and some should triggers in the form of a cradle.
I suppose cradle is probably the best description for this accessory, and this cradle shall dock. There has already been a lot of complaints rather than compliments about it.
Many say that it is bulky, and I will have to admit that it does take up more real estate than it probably should. Another complaint is symmetry, as the right controller is of a different size than the one on the left.
As far as we know, there is only one game that this dock seems to be ready for, and that is Monster Hunter 3 (tri-)G. More games definitely need to be made available before this gets its worldwide distribution. I know very few gaming accessories that are good for only one game, unless it is Dance Dance Revolution.
I don’t have a release date as far as this peripheral is concerned. Considering that mobile phones and tablets are becoming the method of choice for mobile game users, things are not looking too bright for the handheld console business. I don’t think this dock will change anything.