Hey, check out my 11-foot iPod dock!

What we are looking at is actually an iPod dock, not a replica of a skyscraper designed for the living room.
If you look closely, you can see the iDevice on top. The tower there is 11 feet tall, so you will need a ladder to put it up there.
Yes, it is completely impractical, especially since it weighs in at 870 pounds. You definitely are going to want some help moving this, so prepare a moving party. While you have a party, you should use this for sound. It has 10,000 watts of sound in its five speakers, and it includes a USB, 1/4 inch, and two XLR inputs to connect to other audio components.
Yes, trying to use apps or take calls from this iDevice seems rather counter-productive. I don’t have any word from my source on if it comes with a remote control.
All I can say is, it better have one. The thing costs about $550,000, and if you place an order, you’ll be placed on a six-month waiting list. Clearly this is something that only the filthy rich can possibly afford, and I can’t imagine that the manufacturing costs are that high to make one of these. It is available in black, white, or chrome.