Defusable Alarm Clock

I think we all know from movies that bombs are always in the form of rolls of dynamite, a few colored wires, and red numbers that let everyone know when they are going to go off.
I figure that something with that awkward of a design just has to be made into a clock timer. If you let the timer count down from 10 to 0, it will “go off” in the form of blinking lights. Unless you can cut the proper wire, the timer will freeze, preferably at 1 second left, for extra suspense.
You can watch a video after the jump, and you will see how it works. You will notice the guy says “whew” after he defuses the bomb. Just let you know, the faux-bomb changes its wire every time.
This fake bomb is done by Mike Krumpus of Nootropic. It is a DIY project, and a kit will be available soon from Mr. Krumpus. So if you ever have a dream of doing a MacGyver on a bomb, here is your chance.
I’m going to assume that you can’t defuse a real bomb like this. I mean, would a real bomb have some red number that tells you when it will go off? Come on! I’m surprised that this kit doesn’t have one wire that you cut, and the timer goes down really fast.


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