unveils VooMote Zapper certainly had something interesting up their sleeves at the recently concluded IFA 2011 in Berlin, which is the VooMote Zapper. We first saw the VooMote One sometime earlier this year, but the VooMote Zapper is a slight variation of the One so to speak, where the main purpose of its existence would be to convert your iOS device into an impressively smart universal remote – in fact, one that is capable of gaining full control over virtually all of your A/V gear, while letting you hunt down your favorite TV shows effortlessly.
Touted to be one of the newer, next generation remote controls, it was specially designed to be light-weight and convenient, and ought to be able to fit into most pockets without missing a beat. Being as tiny as a paperclip might prove it to be rather elusive for those who tend to lose things easily, but at least you know at that size, it will plug into the 30-pin connector on your iOS device in a jiffy without looking like an eyesore.

What’s the point of having hardware like the VooMote Zapper when it does not have the right kind of software to go along with it? Well, fret not – there is a free app to accompany this puppy that delivers full control over hundreds of thousands of electronic devices. Setting it up is a snap, so there is no need to pore over thick manuals or to go through forum after forum online for a solution. All it takes are just seconds to have the VooMote Zapper control just about any A/V device in the vicinity.
Since it is iDevice agnostic, you can be sure that the versatility and mobility of this particular device is unmatched. Being fully customizable, it enables you to optimize the layout of your remote, where you can also make use of the Edit Mode in order to create macros which will execute functions with but a single touch. The tailor-made touch screen will have a user interface which has been optimized to suit your taste, while the Room Control and One View features that were made popular by the VooMote One are back, allowing you to categorize your infrared devices by room location.
Expect the VooMote Zapper to arrive this Fall, although pricing details have yet to be ironed out just yet.
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