Lost in Space B-9 Robot

Feeling rather rich and want to lighten your pockets by a sizeable sum? That’s not a problem, especially when you are a huge fan of the Lost in Space series, thanks to the whopping £25,500 price tag that is associated with the Lost in Space B-9 Robot. Yes sir, this robot has proved to be the so-called voice of reason in the Lost in Space series, and you can now have B-9 in your living room to add some dazzle for visitors whenever they drop by.
Expect this to be a family heirloom of sorts a few generations down, especially when this is a limited edition, fully licensed version in the B-9 Robot from the series. It was built based on original moulds and reference material from Robot’s Season 3 incarnation, where it sports an acrylic bubble-head, a laser-cut steel ‘brain’, engraved acrylic chest buttons, rubber tread belts, knee bellows, leg bellows, and hundreds of individually fabricated parts which make it look extremely real.
Heck, B-9 can even adjust his head, ear sensors, torso and soil sampler, while manipulating his ‘claws’. Good thing all of that can be achieved not through someone wearing a costume inside, but via the included remote control. Heck, at that price, I’d expect the remote control to be gold plated!