Samsung MV800 Flipscreen Camera

One of the problems with reporting on cameras is that they are all very much alike. Once I report on the Megapixels and memory, I then list off a bunch of the usual features.
Samsung’s MV800 Point and Shoot (P&S) camera has one incredibly interesting feature that I have never seen before. It has a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display that can be flipped 180 degrees. This comes in handy for self-shots and low-angles shots, and for when you want to prop it up.
I suppose that you can also flip the screen over and view the contents of the microSD/SDHC card. That’s right, it takes the microSD instead of the usual SD. That’s another unique feature that will probably become more common, if it isn’t already on P & S cameras.
Well, we might as well describe the usual features. It has a 5X optical zoom and 16.1 Megapixels. It also has some interesting software inside for filters, panoramas, photo touch-ups, effects, plus in-camera cropping.
There is no word of when this camera is going to be launched, but it would be wise of Mr. Samsung to get this out before the holidays. The price is about $279.99, and I’m not certain where it will be available.