R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life

Sharks belong in the water, don’t they? And they need to continue swimming in order to stay alive, even when they’re asleep. Well, most of us know that, but to have a shark “swim” in the air? That certainly sounds out of whack, but this is what ThinkGeek offers with the $39.99 R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life. Yes sir, made out of durable, high-quality nylon material, this unique piece of fun equipment can remain inflated for weeks while it patrols the airspace in your home for hours on end with enough juice remaining within. The AirSwimmers RC flying sea creatures will also come in a clownfish format for a less threatening experience, but either way, it is still a wonder to look at. All you need to do is fill up the AirSwimmer with enough helium, and it will get to work straight away – you might take some time to master the controls in order to have it go up, down, and even 360 degrees around. With a working range of 40 feet, I suspect you will have hours of fun on just four AAA batteries with the R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life. ]]>

2 thoughts on “R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life”

  1. I saw one of these at a science center in Seattle, Washington. It was really neat to watch and had everyone following it around as it “swam” through the air. Definitely a cool product!

  2. Wow, I was so excited to get this product.BEWARE… elevation problems!! I live at 4500 ft elevation and had to do EXTREME modifications to get it to work. I purchased both, and the Shark Balloon won’t hold the helium lon enough to get it up. (and without EXTREME Modifications!) Be ready for a heafty bill in addition the the purchase price just to get them inflated! And to keep them inflated long enough to use. Sea level might be easier. Ive had to reinflate the Shark 3 times in less than 24 hours… Im waiting to see what the company will do with the inferior Shark Mylar as far as replacement. I hope they have a great policy on a bad item. They are fun when they float otherwise they are an extremly over priced extra large mylar balloon.

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