Crowd Buster fights the mob with pepper spray

This particular pack reminds me of the instrument that the Ghostbusters use to distribute slime. That was in Ghostbusters II, in case you don’t remember it.
In the case of this “Crowd Buster” (which is its actual name) it puts out some serious negative slime in the form of pepper spray. It can do this in mist mode or pellet fire, and it is sure to make a mob cease and desist.
As an added bonus, the Crowd Buster can dispense a dye that can stick for up to three weeks. This way, the cops can identify whoever is hit by the Crowd Buster after the mob is done. Yes, this comes in handy for all sorts of crowd busting, before and after.
This is actually not a one-man device. You will need someone holding the pack, and another holding the gun. I suppose that smaller versions could be a one-man job.
This is not something that I want to be on the other side of, as it looks like it could send me home, seriously crying to mother. I hope that no one really has to actually use this in any given situation, but I suppose there are situations where Crowd Busters are really needed.