Scandiphone Retro Telephone


Form or function – you have got to ask yourself this whenever you have a whole house to outfit with furniture, and a telephone is certainly something that you would have to consider. Do you take the retro route, or do you want something so modern, that it will make your standard landline phone look as though it belonged at the Smithsonian? The $59.99 Scandiphone Retro Telephone will cater for those in the former group, where it is inspired by the 1950s Ericofon that actually appeared in the Twilight Zone episode “Third From the Sun” in 1960.

Catering for anyone and everyone who has a soft spot for science fiction and love collecting all things weird, this upright phone is definitely one of the quirkier things that you can have lying around the home for decorative purposes, although it works perfectly fine to dial 911 in case of an emergency. If you have been looking for items that can be conversation starters around the home, you won’t go wrong with the Scandiphone Retro Telephone.

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