Captain Rex LEGO Minifigure Alarm Clock


It was painful seeing Order 66 being executed in the movies – somehow, most of the Jedi Knights as Jedi Masters leading the cohort of Clone Troopers got stabbed in the back – or should I say, got shot at the back. How many of them went down in a glorious manner, taking down at least one Clone Trooper? None that I could recall – it seems that they were not as attuned to the Force as Master Yoda was, hence failing to escape. I would say a nice jump away from the hot zone might have helped some survive.

Ah well, enough rambling – here is the 26.49 Captain Rex LEGO Minifigure Alarm Clock that is pretty much self-explanatory. Coming all decked out in a Clone Trooper uniform, this LCD alarm clock is an officially licensed product, featuring snooze and backlight functions that are obviously activated via the pushing down of his head. If you want, you can even position his arms and legs accordingly, although be warned, just like many other LEGO minifigs, this one has an extremely limited degree of movement.

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