Nsquared Seamless Computing lives up to its name

What you are about to see in the video after the jump is known as Seamless Computing, and it really is where we are headed, as far as technology is concerned.
The demonstration is courtesy of a company known as Nsquared, and it shows how a Windows 7 Mobile Phone, Kinect, and Surface can work together. As far as I know, Microsoft did not sponsor this in any way.
You can see the demonstrator realizing that certain door handles are not right for a home that he is designing. He then must open up the plans on his Surface, and he can use a tablet PC to view the house in 3D. He can also use a Kinect for a virtual walkthrough.
He then orders up new door handles on his tablet PC, and the image of the old door handles are magically replaced. He then takes it a step further and takes a picture of a lamp in his home and incorporates it in the virtual houseplan.
After he updates the house, he manages to update the original bill of sale for the old door handles and updates it on the Surface. Then he “magically” emails the updated bill to his friend on the phone.
This is really what we want, right? All of mobile and video devices working together. I hope this is our future, honestly. But everyone needs a Surface.