Backyard Driving Range


You know sometimes you just want to head off to the nearest driving range and whack a fair number of balls just for some exercise or to let out your frustration, but even moments like those can be prevented simply because you are too lazy or tired to get into your vehicle and pony your way through rush hour traffic just to get to the nearest driving range. Since there is no place like home, how about the Backyard Driving Range?

Yes sir, this $249.95 purchase is an actual golf training system which will convert any yard into a driving range, just like that without the need to renovate your home. The ball dispenser will be able to stash away up to 150 golf balls, where each of them will be automatically placed on the included tee, so you need not bend over to tee up a ball before making each shot. Sure saves your back a whole lot of trouble, don’t you think so?

Let loose your swing and see the ball fly to the tented net that is made from durable nylon with double-stitching to help it withstand even the hardest drives or iron shots. With side panels that help corral errant shots, the Backyard Driving Range is perfect to let you focus on nothing else but your swing. Heck, there is even a handheld tube that lets you pick up 20 balls at a time and place them in the dispenser in a jiffy. Even better? You can start charging your mates to give this a go in your backyard.

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