Thumbs Up Ear iPhone case

If you happen to be one of the millions around the world who owns an iPhone, then surely you would not have left it at that – all alone without a case at all, nor a protective screen cover of sorts to make sure that no scratches will mark it when you drop your precious phone or knock it against something else by accident.
Well, why not make a meal out of the entire situation with the Thumbs Up Ear Case for the iPhone? This is definitely not the chic-est case out there, but it will definitely be able to draw attention towards you whenever someone stumbles upon you talking on it.
Out later this September, this is definitely one of the more audacious auditory accessories to be released upon the mass market, and you can say that it has been designed for users with ears of all sizes. Out later this September from Urban Outfitters for £12.99, are you willing to give it a go?