Pajaggle game has turned me to a Pa-junkie

by Mark R

Conventions like Pax Prime in Seattle are occasions that attract a lot of games, both board and electronic. One of the best games that I saw was this one, Pajaggle.

Pajaggle is a game with a plastic board, made for pieces that fit precisely in place. That’s it. The goal of the game is to simply put the shapes in the proper place, in the least about of time. By the way, the player is supposed to put the big piece in the middle of the board in last, and say “Pajaggle”.

As someone who loves it when things are in order, there is something very comforting about this game. There are other ways to play this game, like a game of triads where the Pajaggle pieces are put in groups of three.

I have to say that the game is somewhat difficult as these pieces are laser-cut to fit in their one place, and some pieces fit in other pieces. It looks easy at first, but this game of shapes becomes difficult as some pieces don’t fit in as easy as they should on the first try.

All in all, Pajaggle is fun for any age. It is available for about $29.99 from the Pajaggle online store.

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bigTop Says: August 30, 2011 at 7:51 am

I remember a game just like this back in the 80s.. I can’t remember if it’s the same one or going by the same name and just revamped. But I remember it having small yellow, shaped pieces that you fit into a bored.. And something about, if you run out of time, the board vibrating and knocking what pieces you have out.

adrenalynn Says: September 1, 2011 at 3:51 pm

@bigtop – you’re thinking of Perfection. 🙂

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