A Car Seat Rocker, courtesy of Ben Heck with Android ADK!

by Mark R

I’m sure that most of our readers are familiar with Ben Heck. If not, he is an online celebrity who is most famous for his mods, usually for video games.

Ben Heck recently took a request from a viewer to make a seat that will help rock his child to sleep. It will simulate the ride of a carseat in a car. Sometimes this helps a little one fall asleep, and I know this from experience.

Ben used the Google ADK (Accessory Development Kit) in order to take advantage of the built-in accelerometer to record the motions that the car goes through while it is driving. As user drives, the phone collects the code, and this data collected gets fed into the Android ADK. Ben tried this out on a scale model of a seat, but not a live one. You can click on the Source to see a video of it in action.

If Ben Heck wants to build an actual a seat that will help lull a baby to sleep, and create an app for it, then he will have some income if this seat is marketed just right. Perhaps Mr. Heck is working on that right now, or maybe he creates these mods for fun.


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