LG A530 notebook joins the 3D fray

LG’s latest notebook would be something different the moment you lay your eyes on it, as the A530 will sport stereoscopic 3D support in addition to a 3D dual webcam that is located right above the 15.6″ Full HD 3D LCD display, allowing you to basically shoot your very own 3D videos and photos. There is a bunch of solid hardware crammed inside the luxurious metalliclook chassis, making sure that everyone knows you forked out top dollar (or Euro) for this one.
It does seem as though the stereoscopic 3D bandwagon is catching on in many ways, ranging from tablets to smartphones, and notebooks are not exempted either. Guess LG decided to bring over their expertise in 3D viewing from the living room to the world of notebooks, and have done so with the Xnote A530.

While the majority of the other 3D notebooks deliver just 3D viewing, the LG A530 will be different from the rest since it offers a “full, superior 3D experience, with the ability to see, shoot and share via the 3D dual webcam”. I must say that the inclusion of the 3D dual webcam clearly sets the A530 apart from the rest, since it allows you to conjure up dazzling 3D content in a jiffy. Apart from that, the LG A530 also offers an integrated 3D experience as you will be able to playback all the generated 3D content on the rest of LG’s ecosystem that comprises of 3D-enabled smartphones, TVs and monitors.
Apart from that, you can bring the 3D love to the masses as the LG A530 allows you to share 3D content with the rest of the world simply by uploading it over to YouTube. Not only that, LG has also thrown in its very own 3D Space Software, which is LG’s new integrated user interface that will enable you to access 3D video, photos, games and movies in a jiffy for an even wider range of 3D options.
Last but not least, there is LG’s proprietary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology that offers brighter 3D images which are totally free of flicker, allowing users to watch 3D content on the LG A530 even for extended periods without having to harm their eyes with feeling of strain or dizziness. No idea on pricing, but LG will deliver the premium LG A530 in Europe first, followed by the Middle East and Africa.
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