The Looftlighter lets my fire!

This weekend, I had a chance to try out the Looftlighter, and I was not certain what I was getting into. At first I thought it was some device to light fires, like an advanced Aim-and-Flame.
What I got was not what I expected. The Looftlighter is a device that plugs into the wall, and is able to start fires without lighter fluid. Considering that much of my barbeque budget goes to lighter fluid, I was intrigued.
I decided to try it out on a few charcoal briquettes on my barbeque. I held the Looftlighter up to the coals, and then turned it on. The Looftlighter was able to heat up to 1,000 degrees at its tip. After a few minutes, there was sparks and the charcoal and it was aflame.
It seemed only to stay aflame when the Looftlighter was on it. I decided to leave the coals as it was, and check back later. One hour later, I saw the coals were still burning.
In other words, the Looftlighter was a complete success! I would not recommend it be in the hands of young children, but as long as the adult is not a pyromaniac, then you have a safe firestarting tool on your hands. It even comes with an attached bottle opener.
In short, I recommend the Looftlighter. You should be able to find out more information about it here, and you can get it on ThinkGeek for about $79.99.

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