DIY Klingon LED Coffee Table


Since it is the weekend already, why not dust off the table in the basement and indulge in a little bit of DIY action? Fans of Star Trek will definitely love the DIY Klingon LED Coffee Table, where it might even fool some into thinking that this is a true blue, movie-licensed piece of furniture instead of one that was constructed using nothing but love for the series (and the relevant technical know how, of course).

To make it all the more appealing to the masses, this homemade Klingon LED Coffee Table will even feature lights that help it glow – they’re all located right below the acrylic top sheet, numbering 26 flashing RBD diodes and one blue LED in total. Pine legs are used to keep this table standing securely, while clear acrylic rods will play their role in providing support. Nick Woodrow is the man behind this DIY Klingon LED Coffee Table, and he welcomes pre-orders via email.


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Nick Woodrow Says: August 26, 2011 at 9:48 am

Thanks Sally! The LEDs are powered with just 2 aa 1.5 batts. (the blue box underneath). Amazingly they have been running for about 15 hours so far. I would love it here, but the house isn’t big enough! If you read the description on Youtube you will see that I made it to inspire my pupils to design something a little more imaginative. Thanks

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