NZXT Tempest 410 and Tempest 410 Elite chassis for PC enthusiasts

If you love building your computer from scratch, then chances are you will pay close attention to the kind of chassis that your system will be built upon. Will it be large enough to be able to house all the components that you want to stash inside? How about the design – does it go with the flow of your room? Are there adequate fans, or will it be a liquid cooled system? So many questions, and the answers lie right in front of you as you peruse through the many PC case manufacturers’ webpages all night long.
Well, NZXT is certainly an old hand at this, where they have just expanded their Tempest series with a couple more models for you to begin your new project with zest. First of all, let us take a look at the Tempest 410, where it is said to be able to deliver the kind of aggressive airflow that is so often required to meet the most demanding enthusiastÂ’s overclocking needs. The innards of the computer will remain nice and cool with dual touch powered 120mm front fans that sport removable filters. These touch powered fan compartments are wireless, so it goes without saying that you will save plenty of time whenever you want to remove these fans. More about it in the extended post.

To make sure that the mercury remains low within as well, it will feature an extra-large honeycomb mesh design inside, coupled with dual radiator support for an all-in-one liquid cooling solution. As for the Tempest 410 Elite version, naturally the suffix “Elite” adds more value (and hence, price) to the final model, where you will be able to enjoy additional innovative features such as an acrylic side panel so that not only you, but others will be able to view the insides – time to light it up all the way then!
Just how much are you expected to pay for these new chassis? Well, the Tempest 410 and Tempest 410 Elite will retail for $79.99 and 89.99, respectively – highly affordable in any case – pun not intended.
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