Hyper Flying Duck


Own a dog who loves playing nothing but fetch? A game of tug, going swimming, or performing basic obedience commands don’t quite cut the mustard for ol’ Fido – and nothing gets him going like a game of fetch. To make things more challenging for you as the owner, he can be at it for hours on end literally, but look on the bright side – at least you get to practice your throwing arm, right?

How about a little help from the 8.99 Hyper Flying Duck? Yes sir, this unique device will be able to launch the Hyper Flying Duck at a range of up to 100 feet, where the only kind of effort you would need to expend would be using your thumb to flip the trigger. To make sure the Hyperduck takes a decent flight, hook your thumb under the beak and pull back the tail rope with your other hand. Aim and release accordingly, and see Fido fly after it with gusto!

Good thing the Hyperduck is made out of tough suede and woven material so that it won’t get worn out too fast – but will instead clean and strengthen your dogs teeth as you play. Neat, no?

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