Montana Couple builds “Hobbit House”

by Mark R

If there is an award for biggest fan of Lord of the Rings, I believe that husband and wife Steve and Christine Michaels would take the prize.

The couple have built a house in the hills of Montana that would fit in to the Shire. I would imagine that if you entered in the address for Bilbo Baggins on Google Maps for Middle Earth, you would be led here.

Granted, it does not have the circular door that J.R.R. Tolkien emphasized in both The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it is designed for the world of the “big folk”.

You can see a series of photos from my Source that reveal that the house is bigger than it looks. There is no way that Gandalf will be hitting his head on the crossbeams here. There is one door that is so small that it is downright impractical.

Still, this entire place looks very cozy, even though the dwellers have to mow the roof every once in while. Perhaps Peter Jackson should have filmed The Hobbit movie here, assuming that hasn’t already. The whole house cost a price of $410,000, which I’m sure would have been a fraction of a Middle Earth movie budget.


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