NewYu Connected Monitor offers options in fitness regime

The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor and Service was recently paraded at the IDEA Show in Los Angeles, California, where it intends to make its mark as a new, comprehensive system for monitoring and managing wellness goals throughout the entire day. After all, it can be quite a chore trying to maintain your fitness goals with the everyday pressures of life building all up around you. The NewYu Connected Monitor will rely on an industry first – we’re talking about motion detection and advanced pattern recognition technology which is capable of detecting and identifying specific body movements, and since it is extremely tiny, you will be able to clip it just about anywhere on your torso or to a particular pocket. Just what the heck does the monitor do? For starters, it will track basic activities including walking and running, but is also smart enough to specifically recognize complex movements including biking, being on an elliptical and step machine. Heck, the particular genius of this device does not stop here – it will also be able to capture data for daily living tasks including (but not limited to) cooking, cleaning and shopping. At the end of the day, NewYu will help you obtain a far more accurate reading on the exact number of calories that you have burned depending on the kind of movement you were involved in during the day. The NewYu monitor will work hand-in-hand with the NewYu online dashboard, where it will deliver you with a home base for setting and tracking goals. There is also the free NewYu Android app that you can take advantage of, where users are able to synchronize data from their monitor to the dashboard in real-time over a Bluetooth connection, but if you prefer to take the hardwire route, you can always do so via a USB adapter. All it takes are just seconds to update the information which will subsequently be displayed in easy-to-understand charts. The NewYu Connected Monitor can be yours for $99.99, where it is tipped to arrive in markets this coming September. Might as well start off with next year’s fitness goals, today.]]>