Genius G-Pen F610 writing graphic tablet

While digitizer tablets aren’t exactly the kind of tablet that your little one would love to find underneath the Christmas tree, preferring one with an “i” prefix, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for writing graphic tablets. Genius knows this, which is why they have taken their successful G-Pen F610 Writing Graphic Tablet and introduced an upgraded version which will carry the latest software and package for Windows 7.
This graphic design tablet will be slightly different from others, as it is not only super slim in nature, measuring 6″ x 10″, but it will also be wireless – so you need not remain tethered to your computer all day long. On the other hand, anything that is wireless needs to be juiced up, so make sure that the Genius G-Pen F610 has enough battery life inside before you start off with your work, aye?

Touted to offer better control compared to a conventional mouse, the Genius G-Pen F610 will be able to play nice with both PC and Mac platforms, where it will function as a perfectly good tool for taking notes, handling emails (heck, you can even take the step to perform handwritten emails if you so desire), handwriting recognition support and professional graphics design.
It will come with 29 programmable “Hot-Key” areas that allows you to set up shortcuts for word processing, Internet and operating system tasks. All you need to do is plug in the F610 into your computer via USB and you will be able to enjoy the built-in, Vista-like functions, including pen flick navigation among others. The G-Pen F610 Writing Graphic Tablet is also compatible with just about any display size, where it is equally at home with both flat and wide screens.
Just what else does the Genius G-Pen F610 deliver? How about a pen that has two buttons and 1024-level pressure sensitivity, letting graphic artists enjoy the subtlety of more pressure levels, not to mention having both pen buttons doubling up as left- and right-click mouse buttons? The pen’s built-in battery is said to be able to last up to a year – although I do wonder whether this figure includes a full 8 hour day’s worth of solid use for the entire year.
Expect the Genius G-Pen F6 Graphic-design Tablet to retail for $99.
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