Rocket Launcher accessory for Bigtrak and Bigtrak Junior


Remember the Bigtrak that we covered a while ago? Well, it is nice to know that boys too, can accessorize their toys – and without getting the help of stuff like make-up and miniature dresses. What we want are more testosterone-laden stuff – and if that does not include weapons of mass destruction that has a wanton disregard for imaginary human life, so much the better. Enter the Rocket Launcher accessory which will target the Bigtrak and Bigtrak Junior. It costs 19.99, which is 20.00 cheaper than the Bigtrak itself – where it holds a quartet of foam rockets that you can aim and launch at unsuspecting enemies.

Not only that, you are able to program your route and fire all four rockets simultaneously – now how about that for some strafing action? Of course, those who prefer to conserve their ammo will be able to opt to fire rockets individually. The Rocket Launcher itself requires yet another two AAA batteries to get it going, and if you want to outfit your Bigtrak Retro with this, you will need to fork out more for an adaptor.

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