Ollie The Twitterific Bird

Are you part of the Twitterati crowd, loving every bit of the Twitterverse so much that you cannot bear not to fire off a few tweets every single day? Well, if that is the case and you want yet another device or gadget that will “interact” with Twitter, here is Ollie The Twitterific Bird who will set you back by £19.99, but just what does Ollie bring to the table? This bird will work in conjunction with the Twitterific app that will allow Mac, iPad or iPhone users to inform the world at any time of what they want to say, within the confines of 140 characters, of course. Measuring a mere 4″ tall, you can always perch Ollie by the side of your computer to be a visual reminder that you last tweeted half an hour ago – which is far too long a break to keep your followers waiting as to how your breakfast went. Would be nice if he could interface with the computer and chirp each time you had an incoming tweet…]]>