Xploderz X Stormer 575

Summer’s nearly over for folks living in the northern hemisphere, maybe you might want to spend whatever precious little time you have left outdoors with the Xploderz X Stormer 575 – after handing over £31.99 for it, of course. This model will deliver the paintball experience right in the comfort of your backyard without the mess or pain which you will inevitably receive from the actual (painful) paintball scenario. This is just like a toy gun in many ways, and yet so much more. Capable of firing up to 75 feet away, the Xploderz X Stormer 575 is the perfect tool to take long shots at your target – so much so that your ‘enemy’ would be caught by surprise since they would not think that you have the necessary arsenal to get the job done. It does so as long as you pull back the arm and release it to fire. Each ammo clip holds 500 Xploderz that are made out of a water-based gel which will shatter on impact, leaving no mess behind – after the water-based gel evaporates, of course. ]]>