Saudi Arabia prepares world's largest skyscraper, Kingdom Tower

In case you have wondering if we will ever live in the cities of towers that we have seen in science-fiction, the Kingdom Tower should seal the deal.
The Kingdom Tower will be built in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah, a port city by the Red Sea that is often considered the “gateway to Mecca”. When it is completed, Kingdom Tower will stand at 3,281 feet tall, which is 568 feet taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s current largest building. At one point, the designers wanted Kingdom Tower to rise a mile high, but soil testing revealed that it wasn’t a good idea.
As you can see from the CG images, it will have an impressive “sky terrace” located on the 157th floor that looks like a landing pad for futuristic flying vehicles. Also within this massive mega-skyscraper will be a Four Seasons hotel, upscale office space, luxury condos, and 59 elevators. These elevators will travel at a fast speed of 33 feet per second (22 miles an hour).
All this for a price of 20 billion. I wonder how long it will take before giant-sized buildings like Kingdom Tower will be normal-sized. If we really want to make mile-high towers, then mega-skyscrapers like Kingdom Tower, the Sears Tower, and others of its type today will look like shrimps in the future.

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