Mario 3DS Holder

The Nintendo 3DS isn’t exactly doing as well as Nintendo hopes it would – and even after going through a recent price slash to just $169.99 a pop, it had failed to pick up in terms of sales. Well, let’s just say you recently purchased it after the price cut, what do you want to do with your savings? You could always spend the $34.99 for the Mario 3DS Holder – where it is represented by a 12″ vinyl Mario figure who stands atop a black base, with arms outstretched, ready and waiting to cradle your precious 3DS in them.
Of course, Mario being Mario, is big hearted enough to accommodate the Nintendo DSi or DS Lite, too. This is one suspended animation Mario who will remain there in position perpetually, never letting your 3DS go even if the entire world turns its back on it. You can be sure that he won’t suffer from a bad case of butter fingers, too, but boy will he burn with envy if you leave the 3DS gathering dust in his arms while you enjoy your PS Vita this Christmas.