Eco Pod offers fantastic protection for your iPod


Are you one of those who absolutely love the great outdoors? Well, if that is the case and your weekends are spent by the river doing some fly fishing instead of rocking your body to the latest dance tunes, then the Eco Pod might just be the thing for you. Why do we say so? Well, for starters, Grace Digital’s latest release is a 100% water, sand, and shock proof case. Now that’s definitely a resume that is worth boasting, no?

Don’t be fooled by the title – it will not only protect your iPod, but it will basically offer protection for your range of portable media players, never mind if they’re running on iOS, Android or some other custom operating system version. Featuring 100% waterproof earbuds, the Eco Pod might be your next best swimming accessory after a good pair of goggles – but of course.

Just how much do you think something like this will cost? Grace Digital is looking at a $49.99 sticker price tag, knowing full well that it will cost you so much more to purchase a new device if that gets short circuited when it drowns. After all, water is not the only nemesis for your new toy – dirt, grime and all the rest of the outside elements do play a part in sending your smartphone into a wonky state, and we’d hate it if you actually lost your list of contacts as well as the rest of your data, right?

Coming in a water and shock proof polycarbonate shell, the Eco Pod will also be shock resistant, and since it has a universal headphone jack, it ought to function with just about all forms of headphones or ear buds in the market – letting you still enjoy your current set whenever there is no need for waterproofing.

If you don’t feel like listening to anything, you can still use the Eco Pod to tote around your credit card stash, drivers license, some cash, and even a set of keys. The inclusion of a 2 carabineer clip is a stroke of genius, as it lets you hook it to a backpack or other equipment whenever you need an extra hand.

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