8 Foot Tavern Bowling Game


Just what constitutes a guys’ night out? Does it mean a visit to the local bar, where you knock back pint after pint of “happy juice”? Well, some folks prefer to go bowling, knocking over pins instead of ladies with their smoldering good looks. Just in case you run into one of those moments when you just wish your mates would leave you well alone as you drown in your own thoughts, and yet want the comforting sounds of a bowling alley which you’ve gotten so used to, here is the 8 Foot Tavern Bowling Game that might help.

This bowling game can be found in taverns, where it is based on the original Shuffle Alley that became wildly popular in the 1950s. True to its predecessor, this game will provide you with a challenge – that is, to slide a 2 7/8″ diameter chromed steel puck down the game’s waxed formica lane so that you can hit all ten 10.25″ tall pins, where they will “crash” just like the real deal.

There is a 27″ LCD display with 1600 x 900 resolution which will keep track of the score automatically, including sharing the best shot suggestions whenever you are out of ideas, animations depicting strikes, turkeys, and frame replays, not to mention commentary by PBA Champion Parker Bohn III. To have such high tech entertainment in your home is not going to come cheap though, as the 8 Foot Tavern Bowling Game will set you back by a cool $6,000.

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