Water Wizard Buddha Board for Kids


The only thing constant about life would be change – and that again, we have a sense of impermanence for everything. Nothing lasts forever after all, not even diamonds, although those can be handed down to your descendants to the 10th generation if you’re careful enough. The Water Wizard Buddha Board for Kids from ThinkGeek is the perfect purchase to deliver a lesson on impermanence. You will take the water wand and paint on the canvas with it. Best to take a photo of your masterpiece, since it will fade away slowly after that.

This $19.99 purchase is one environmentally friendly toy which ought to last for years – so it would be best to have a few kids in quick succession if you want to maximize your purchase’s value. Water is stored in the Water Wand’s handle, so no mess is created. Run out of water? The answer is simple, just fill it up and you’re good to go.

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